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“... highly competent and very professional...”  (President, New York state bank, USA)

“...a naturally gifted facilitator ... most beneficial to the development of  management teams and business...”   (CEO,  New Zealand)  

“... without a doubt your zeal and enthusiasm have helped our branches to become a more unified and operative team. Despite severe competitive pressures and new entrants into the market, we have managed to continue growing, both in size and profits while ... limiting growth of our overheads...” (EVP and Area Manager, bank, Panama)

“... assignments undertaken with distinction... not easy to develop team skills in a cross-cultural organisation; he has this ability which I consider to be one of his special skills” (CEO, insurance, Hong Kong)  

“... under his guidance teamwork now forms one of the cornerstones of our strategic direction... his ability to communicate and manage our initiatives in this area and his motivational skills in a more general sense have been clearly demonstrated in a most professional manner...”  (Chief Operating Officer,  Singapore)

“... always found him to be thoroughly professional and always produced work of a high standard... consistently displayed high integrity...”  (Deputy Managing Director, Saudi Arabia)

“... has a deep understanding of personal and organisational behaviour and of the impact of  culture on management practice and effectiveness... a sensitive and empathetic man with acute diagnostic skills and pronounced presentational and group facilitation skills... committed to using this battery of skills with managers to maximise business goals...”  (Head of Human Resources, bank, Hong Kong)

“... he is a very personable individual with very strong facilitation skills... strong conceptual understanding of learning and development and uses this ability to powerful effect when working to help management deal with ‘real time’ organisational development issues... an extremely capable  person who undoubtedly has the potential to make a significant organisational contribution...”  (Head of Management Development, bank, UK)  

"... in satisfying our needs, he exhibited a solid, in-depth knowledge of personal and organisational behaviour, a high level of presentation skills and an unswerving commitment...”   (General Manager,  Australia)

“... one of his strongest qualities is that of being able to make people reconsider and question preconceived ideas... interacts well with all races and creeds... displays high level of interpersonal  sensitivity... a committed person who will give of his best...”   (CEO,  Brunei)  

“... invariably found his professionalism and enthusiasm most helpful and effective in assisting me meet my objectives...”   (Deputy Chairman and CEO, bank, Malaysia)

“... he possesses a strong intellect, a very open mind, and a deep professional understanding of his field. His interventions are an excellent example of fine facilitation; he influences the development of a group and brings about effective mutual understanding without appearing to impose himself on the participants at all... he always demonstrates a very high level of cross-cultural sensitivity...”   (Vice President, Human Resources, USA)  

“I enjoyed working with you and appreciated your thoughts and flexibility... joint facilitation between you and I suited me... I felt you interacted very well with the correct level of involvement...”   (Vice President, Audit, Hong Kong)  

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What makes us so sure we can help you? Our extensive experience of:

organisational, managerial, cross-cultural issues and best practices

Hong Kong and Asia - our base for over 25 years

working with over 30 major corporations, 300 teams, 3000 top managers and CEOs 5000 executives

in five continents - Asia, Middle East, USA, South America, Australasia, Europe 
designing and delivering 1-day to 4-week programmes
facilitating retreats, small and large conferences (over 200 participants)

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