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Why are we in business? 

In a nutshell: to facilitate the dramatically improved results you continuously strive for, to help you transform your performance, boost sales, motivation, productivity, effectiveness.

We at Symfonys live to improve your organisation's performance:

by orchestrating, rehearsing and fine-tuning peoples' ability to perform 

to the peak of their virtuosity, 
whether they are conducting or playing 
the organisational symphony, the team concerto or a solo part. 

As you can see, we are guided by the bridge-building, energising, expressive and leadership/ membership music metaphor.

If you are interested in why we chose such an enigmatic corporate name, we invite you to explore the parallel further. You might also be interested in the way we use the Symfonys change model (see below) to incorporate the music element

We partner with you and world-class expertise to compose and orchestrate a complete range of organisation, team and individual performance improvement services based on:

world-class facilitation of your live, real issues

working with top and senior teams to craft, and with other teams to implement, strategy

creative organisational and individual learning solutions delivered to minimise classroom time and maximise workplace application using multimedia and intranets
the belief that teams are the key organisational unit for managing change and applying learning
an integrated model of change - Symfonys Change Model


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