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Workshop Memories

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We have a large library of still and video pictures of our events, both indoor and outdoor, large and small. These are stored in the Members' Only section after an event by our clients and form part of the diary/record, action planning and follow-up services we offer via Internet/intranets. Here is a sample of photo memories.

TWD stands for TeamWork Development. The merry group above (a team assembled in Hong Kong but posted around the globe) is celebrating the "I've been TWD'd" T-shirt which comes with successful completion of the trials and tribulations of the team development process. The more composed (here, but far wilder then the group above for most of their workshop) hails from Australia - the top management team of a large bank.

The group of executives below are based in Dubai and appear to be giving their facilitator, Michael Harpham, a hard time - or maybe simply are taking revenge? For what?

High-wire activities always generate individual apprehension, confidence and motivation as well as considerable support from the team (which has to operate the safety lines of their colleagues in the air).

Below, a group in Nicosia, Cyprus

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