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Memorable Performances & Interventions


-   Design and delivery of Facilitation for Management skills for a multinational oil company building up its joint ventures in the PRC

-   Delivery of a series of seminars on Team-Based Organisations for one of largest groups in Malaysia 




-   Running a Total Quality Management Audit for a UK multi-national in HK and China

-   Working over 12 months with 7 functional directors to form them into a Top Self-Directed Team when MD was not replaced

-   Managing the process of a 130-strong conference for US multinational’s CFOs  




-   Development of Group Internal Audit teams in US Bank and a Hong Kong hong

-   Organisation Survey leading to delivery of ‘cascade’ to introduce new style of management, based on company-wide completion of Team Management Index Questionnaire

-   Consultancy project to re-energise members of a restructured bank 




-   Working with the Top Teams of many corporations to examine and improve their corporate and team performance

-   Facilitating annual management Conference for 120+ footwear people from 14 countries to launch new worldwide vision and mission and motivate participants

-   Running a series of Objective-Setting and Appraisal Interviewing workshops for large HK trading company  




-   Facilitating Singapore-based oil company conference with 200 participants - designing the information-handling processes; ensuring agreed action outcomes

-   Helping educational and community service organisations audit and improve their teamwork

-   Designing a series of TEAMpacks for managers to run their   own team development efforts      


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