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We improve people performance and profitability   

Our clients speak highly of us:

... without a doubt your zeal and enthusiasm have helped our branches to become a more unified and operative team. Despite severe competitive pressures and new entrants into the market, we have managed to continue growing, both in size and profits while ... limiting growth of our overheads... 

... under his guidance teamwork now forms one of the cornerstones of our strategic direction... his ability to communicate and manage our initiatives in this area and his motivational skills in a more general sense have been clearly demonstrated in a most professional manner...               (more testimonials)

If you too feel your players and performances need tuning-up, try us! 

Our clients' needs
Our business
Our focus - teamwork
Our skills and experience

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Our clients' needs range widely:

unclear strategies and poor motivation

time-consuming meetings and interdepartmental conflicts

inadequate communication and undeveloped managerial potential

inappropriate corporate culture and dysfunctional teamwork

lack of breakthrough thinking and lack of entrepreneurial spirit

poor management of knowledge and need to implement a learning organisation

















Our business: we work with you to facilitate the dramatically improved results you continuously strive for, to help you transform your peoples' performance, boost sales, motivation, productivity, effectiveness.

We improve your organisation's performance:

by orchestrating design and key issue resolution and

by rehearsing and fine-tuning peoples' ability to perform 

to the peak of their virtuosity, 

whether they are conducting or playing 

the organisational symphony, the team concerto or a solo part

We are guided by the bridge-building, energising, expressive and leadership/membership music and symphonic metaphor.












We facilitate learning in a variety of ways to suit your needs:

'real-team' workshops - for improving team and inter-team, executive and individual performance, virtual teamwork, self-managed teams, creativity and problem-solving clinics

large group meetings - using open space technology for addressing key issues, improving communication, motivating 
top team retreats - for crafting strategy and reviewing organisational performance
individual and group coaching - for CEOs, executives and teams
public seminars - on a range of organisational topics


















Our primary focus: teams and teamwork, which synergise individual players and energise organisational goals - and hence our company name, Symfonys - the symphonic metaphor conjuring up images of inspired performance and maestros. 

We partner with you and world-class expertise to compose and orchestrate a complete range of organisation, team and individual performance improvement services based on:

world-class facilitation of your live, real issues

working with top and senior teams to craft, and with other teams to implement, strategy

creative organisational and individual learning solutions delivered to minimise classroom time and maximise workplace application using multimedia and intranets
the belief that teams are the key organisational unit for managing change and applying learning
an integrated model of change -  The SYMFONYS Change Model

(Click here to listen to Krommer's clarinet concerto while browsing or here to analyse your teams' performance using the music metaphor - that is if you did not complete it earlier)















Our skills - knowing how to:

mine world-class solutions

gain corporate consensus 

generate commitment for implementation











Our experience:

facilitating retreats, strategic plans, senior meetings and large conferences

organisational, team, managerial, cross-cultural issues and best practices

Hong Kong and Asia - our base for over 18 years

over 30 major corporations, 300 teams, 3000 top managers and CEOs, 5000 executives

five continents - in Asia, Middle East, USA, South America, Australasia, Europe

1-day to 4-week experiential programmes to the most demanding specifications
HK Trainer of the Year finalists
we have worked with well over 200 senior teams worldwide. The average hourly salary of these teams was US$1,391. The AVERAGE improvement in team performance (as measured by the teams themselves) was 38% after a 2-day workshop - US$529 PER HOUR! Since senior teams meet for over 3 hours per week, that's a saving of  US$6,350 per week - without taking into account other benefits at lower levels of the organisation, nor of increases in creativity, productivity, energy and morale.