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The dictionary definition of facilitation:  “to make easy or easier”; which summarises both the role and the benefit of using a third-party facilitator to help you achieve your goals. Few individuals and fewer  teams can fully develop their  effectiveness single-handed. Those which do attempt it often...


waste time 

fail to confront the key hindrances to effectiveness

ignore research on high performing teams

forget to learn from the experience of other teams

create more difficulties than they resolve

find they lack the necessary experience and support

are unable to maintain momentum

cannot  keep the development process on an “even keel” (development and change excite emotional reactions)


Expert facilitation by an objective third party overcomes the biases, politics and inertia of the 'interested' parties involved - simply because they are part of the team and therefore also part of any issues “blocking” effectiveness. 


A world-class facilitator:

ensures objectivity and introduces processes to help surface and address issues

introduces relevant expertise and knowledge, relying on his extensive track record and exposure to similar situations, thus helping the team identify and meet its specific needs

acts as a catalyst

knows how to initiate change and development 

can overcome the inertia usually found in structured organisations

can communicate with people at all levels in the hierarchy and facilitate communication between those levels

helps groups to learn,  clarify goals, break through barriers to effectiveness,  question assumptions,  encourage the clarification of alternatives methods,  generate creative solutions,  plan changes, increase commitment,  encourage open communication,  and raise the level of trust  

uses a variety of procedures for maintaining the development process 


Please see notes on facilitator competencies from our Facilitator Workshop


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